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Welcome to my little corner on the WWW!

After some five years of serious model photography I finally decided it was about time I got my own website. And you’ve managed to find it!

When I first began photographing, all I knew and understood of it was how to set my camera to automatic and then push the shutter. Over the years I have done workshops where I not only was taught how to create nice photos by playing with light, but also how to interact with the models in order to get the best results. Results that are to my liking as well as the model’s.

Some friends have asked me why I don’t do this full time, but I really want this to remain what it is now: a nice hobby. Nothing less, nothing more. For me, enjoying the shoot itself is as important as the final result. It’s all about teamwork between myself, the model and the make-up artist.

I hope you'll enjoy my pictures. Please feel free to drop me a line to let me know what you think of them, and thanks for visiting my site.

Bert Vis (‘Beavis’)

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